THE BRATS-be a man-1974

THE BRATS-be a man-1974

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1-be a man2-quaalude queen1974"When the proto-punk glitter rock project called The New York Dolls coalesced in the Fall of 1971, Rick Rivets and Arthur Kane turned up the speed and the attitude. Other guys joined: Johnny Thunders, [Billy] Murcia, and after a couple of months, a singer named David Johansen. Rivets was the first one to float out, replaced by Syl Sylvain. The classic New York Dolls lineup then emerged into history, while Rick Rivets formed The Brats to vie for attention. Although the Brats didn't break through, they didn't break up, like the Dolls did."[Goldmine Mag.]

the  brats-be  a  man-1974 

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1981 - Brats-18.01.81

Tags: 1981  -  Brats-18.01.81 

This is the entire 1981 - Brats-18.01.81 #1 demo it is not copyrighted nor do I own it. It is simply for your listening pleasure and high quality when compared to other Brats videos on youtube. Brats were an early incarnation of Mercyful Fate (King Diamond joined Brats in 1981). It also includes...

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers Live at Max's Kansas City, NYC. 1979

Tags: Johnny  Thunders  &  The  Heartbreakers  Live  at  Max's  Kansas  City,  NYC.  1979 

Amazing B&W footage.London Boys/ Leave Me Alone/ Chinese Rocks/ Too Much Junkie Business/ All By Myself/ Don't Mess With Cupid/ Do You Love Me?/ Seven Day Weekend/ So Alone/ Can't Keep My Eyes On You/ Born To Lose/ One Track Mind.

CHRIS SPEDDING & VIBRATORS-pogo dancing-uk 1976

Tags: CHRIS  SPEDDING  &  VIBRATORS-pogo  dancing-uk  1976 

1-pogo dancing2-posesecond single for the vibrators credited to Chris Spedding & The Vibrators. The A side was "Pogo Dancing". The B side was "Pose". Neither track appeared on an LP. Chris Spedding was a British rock guitarist and session musicianuk 1976

The Brats - Fuel

Tags: The  Brats  -  Fuel 

Johnny Thunders - So Alone (Full Album)

Tags: Johnny  Thunders  -  So  Alone  (Full  Album) 

So Alone (1978)1 Pipeline 00:002 You Can't Put Arms Around A Memory 02:203 Great Big Kiss 06:044 Ask Me No Questions 09:285 Leave Me Alone 13:006 Daddy Rollin' Stone 15:477 London Boys 19:048 (She's So) Untouchable 21:569 Subway Train 24:4710 Downtown 28:5711 Dead or Alive 32:0812 Hurtin'...

Johnny Thunders - Little Bit of Whore

Tags: Johnny  Thunders  -  Little  Bit  of  Whore 

Johnny ThundersRest in Peace

Brats - Heavy Rocker

Tags: Brats  -  Heavy  Rocker 

This is his obsession This is what he's livin' for Total aggression The body needs more Sweat on face and fingers Sweat drippin' on the floor His brains are boilin' When he hears the guitars roar That rocker Ain't gonna fall He's getting stronger Well alright, we're here to satisfy Chorus: They...

Death - Where Do We Go From Here

Tags: Death  -  Where  Do  We  Go  From  Here 

Album made in 1974/1975Precursor of PUNK movementAltough we all know Girls invented Punk rock.I don't own this song.

SYLVAIN SYLVAIN - Georgian Theatre, Stockton 17.07.2013.

Tags: SYLVAIN  SYLVAIN  -  Georgian  Theatre,  Stockton  17.07.2013. 

Full acoustic set from SYLVAIN SYLVAIN of the legendary NEW YORK DOLLS at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton on July 17th 2013. Filmed by Alison Collett with permission from relevant parties.00:00 Intro.01:25 Teenage News.05:32 I'm So Sorry.08:22 I Wanna Be Loved.10:30 You Can't Put Your Arms...

Johnny Thunders interview.

Tags: Johnny  Thunders  interview. 

Interview made in Stockholm, december 1983.

New York Dolls - Musikladen, 1973, Pills, Trash

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Musikladen,  1973,  Pills,  Trash 

German Television

The Brats - Candy Rock

Tags: The  Brats  -  Candy  Rock 

Master of Real Rock'n'Roll!!! Check out their new Killer LP on Rave up Records from Italy!!

Jerry Nolan - Take A Chance With Me

Tags: Jerry  Nolan  -    Take  A  Chance  With  Me 

From Jerry Nolan's solo single album " Take A Chance With Me Preety Baby" (1982)Jerry Nolan:Drums,percussion & lead vocalsGuest appearence by Syl Sylvain on keyboardsMichael Thimren:guitars n voxBonne Lofman:guiotar,vox & percussionSylo Ellason:bass & voxThis song is from his original band the...

The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls (1977)

Tags: The  Real  Kids  -  All  Kindsa  Girls  (1977) 

True garage classic from Boston. Album version.

Do the Wait / The Scenics proto-punk

Tags: Do  the  Wait  /  The  Scenics  proto-punk 

"Do The Wait": 1 of the great unheard singles of the era (think #MinkDeville doing "#SweetJane") (LOSINGTODAY.COM)Do the Wait featured on the May 2010 UNCUT magazine CD. a limited time, both of The Scenics albums (including this track) are available as free...

Blast - Damned Flame (Belg 1973 Proto Hardcore Punk )

Tags: Blast  -  Damned  Flame  (Belg  1973  Proto  Hardcore    Punk  ) 

This one sounds like Stooges on speed, In my opinion and researching of obscure roots of punk and hc, this one might be first real hardcore punk song EVER IN WORLD!! And it's not even from US.This guys were playing extremly fast and loud punk rock music 5 years before Black Flag, before Bad...

SATANS RATS-you make me sick

Tags: SATANS  RATS-you  make  me  sick 

7inch vinyl u.k punk from 1978 satans rats

eddie & the hot rods.1977. ignore them

Tags: eddie  &  the  hot  rods.1977.  ignore  them 

eddie & the hot rods.1977.7''.b. 'ignore them'. [island records. WIP 6388]

Slugs - Problem Child

Tags: Slugs  -  Problem  Child 

A 1979 Record.

JET STAXX-you'll get the chop-belgium 1978

Tags: JET  STAXX-you'll  get  the  chop-belgium  1978 

1-i'm gonna be the best guy2-you'll get the chopbelgium 1978

The Best Of Rock'n'Roll " Clássicos do Rock "

Tags: The  Best  Of  Rock'n'Roll  "  Clássicos  do  Rock  " 

1-David Lindley Mercury Blues,2-Status Quo What you're Proposin,3-Billy Rankin Babe come Back,4-Status Quo Whatever you Want,5-Dr Felgood Back in the night,6-Georgia Satellites Railroad Steel,7-Left Side Like a locomotion,8 Sweet AC/DC,9-Aeroesmith Lightning Strikes,10-Mike Fletwood Terr it...

The Electric Eels-Jaguar Ride

Tags: The  Electric  Eels-Jaguar  Ride 


Rags - Hold Me Tight

Tags: Rags  -  Hold  Me  Tight 

RAGS were thee missing link between the N.y. DOLLS and MILK-n-COOKIES, and then some ! ....let's take a step back into the 70s shall we ? ok then come along............, early - mid 70s to be exact when the glam era was flourishing, and a lot of bands tried to imitiate the N.Y. DOLLS, and the...

New York Dolls - Personality Crisis

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Personality  Crisis 

1973Burt Sugarman's The Midnight SpecialVideo from a Portuguese fan!