THE BRATS-be a man-1974

THE BRATS-be a man-1974

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1-be a man2-quaalude queen1974"When the proto-punk glitter rock project called The New York Dolls coalesced in the Fall of 1971, Rick Rivets and Arthur Kane turned up the speed and the attitude. Other guys joined: Johnny Thunders, [Billy] Murcia, and after a couple of months, a singer named David Johansen. Rivets was the first one to float out, replaced by Syl Sylvain. The classic New York Dolls lineup then emerged into history, while Rick Rivets formed The Brats to vie for attention. Although the Brats didn't break through, they didn't break up, like the Dolls did."[Goldmine Mag.]

the  brats-be  a  man-1974 

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Brats - Heavy Rocker

Tags: Brats  -  Heavy  Rocker 

This is his obsession This is what he's livin' for Total aggression The body needs more Sweat on face and fingers Sweat drippin' on the floor His brains are boilin' When he hears the guitars roar That rocker Ain't gonna fall He's getting stronger Well alright, we're here to satisfy Chorus: They...

25 Best Proto-Punk Songs

Tags: 25  Best  Proto-Punk  Songs 

Punk songs before punk even existed. 1960s-1973.

Rags - Hold Me Tight

Tags: Rags  -  Hold  Me  Tight 

RAGS were thee missing link between the N.y. DOLLS and MILK-n-COOKIES, and then some ! ....let's take a step back into the 70s shall we ? ok then come along............, early - mid 70s to be exact when the glam era was flourishing, and a lot of bands tried to imitiate the N.Y. DOLLS, and the...

The Brats - Fuel

Tags: The  Brats  -  Fuel 

Johnny Thunders - Little Bit of Whore

Tags: Johnny  Thunders  -  Little  Bit  of  Whore 

Johnny ThundersRest in Peace

Berlin Brats - Tropically Hot

Tags: Berlin  Brats  -  Tropically  Hot 

Una de esas bandas que los adeptos al 70's Glam Killer siempre le damos la bienvenidaSubido por Fernando Luccas

Morrissey on New York Doll Documentary - Part I (2005)

Tags: Morrissey  on  New  York  Doll  Documentary    -  Part  I  (2005) 

New York Doll (2005) New York Doll is a documentary based on the life of former New York Dolls member Arthur Kane. It was nominated for both a Satellite Award and a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, where it premiered in 2005. A recovering alcoholic and recently converted Mormon,...

SATANS RATS-you make me sick

Tags: SATANS  RATS-you  make  me  sick 

7inch vinyl u.k punk from 1978 satans rats

Death - Politicians In My Eyes (1974/2009) [HQ]

Tags: Death  -  Politicians  In  My  Eyes  (1974/2009)  [HQ] 

Artist: Death. Album: For The Whole Word To See.Year: 1974/2009.Lyrics partially by mezocoThe number one biggest gameis when they gained all the fame, it's like a race to the top because they wanna be bossThey don't care who they step on as long as they get alongPoliticians in my eyes!They could...

Mc5 - I Don't Mind (1965)

Tags: Mc5  -  I  Don't  Mind    (1965) 

1. Motor City Five - I Don't Mind (1965)Wayne Kramer/guitarFred Smith/guitarRob Tyner/lead SingerPat Burrows/bassBob Gaspar/drums

New York Dolls - Musikladen, 1973, Pills, Trash

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Musikladen,  1973,  Pills,  Trash 

German Television

eddie & the hot rods.1977. ignore them

Tags: eddie  &  the  hot  rods.1977.  ignore  them 

eddie & the hot rods.1977.7''.b. 'ignore them'. [island records. WIP 6388]

Blast - Damned Flame (Belg 1973 Proto Hardcore Punk )

Tags: Blast  -  Damned  Flame  (Belg  1973  Proto  Hardcore    Punk  ) 

This one sounds like Stooges on speed, In my opinion and researching of obscure roots of punk and hc, this one might be first real hardcore punk song EVER IN WORLD!! And it's not even from US.This guys were playing extremly fast and loud punk rock music 5 years before Black Flag, before Bad...

Slugs - Problem Child

Tags: Slugs  -  Problem  Child 

A 1979 Record.

The Brats - Candy Rock

Tags: The  Brats  -  Candy  Rock 

Master of Real Rock'n'Roll!!! Check out their new Killer LP on Rave up Records from Italy!!

New York Dolls - Trash (Live Jools Holland 2009)

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Trash  (Live  Jools  Holland  2009) 

New York Dolls - Trash (Live Jools Holland 2009)

Death - Politicians in my eyes

Tags: Death  -    Politicians  in  my  eyes 

Three Black Dudes playing this stuff, punk before punk was punk. improbable band from Detroit in 1975- way before their time!!

Debris-One Way Spit

Tags: Debris-One  Way  Spit 

Proto Punk,From The Album"Static Disposal "Recorded1975.

The Boys - Brickfield Nights

Tags: The  Boys  -  Brickfield  Nights 


Killer Kane Band (Pre-W.A.S.P) - Mr. Cool [1976 EP]

Tags: Killer  Kane  Band  (Pre-W.A.S.P)  -  Mr.  Cool  [1976  EP] 

Killer Kane Band Lineup:Arthur Kane - Bass, VocalsBlackie Goozeman - Guitar, Lead VocalsAndy Jay - Lead Guitar, VocalsJimi Image - Drums, VocalsThis was before Blackie became "Lawless" and formed W.A.S.P :)Another cool 70's hard rock/metal song.Enjoy !

NEW YORK DOLLS - Trash (1974)

Tags: NEW  YORK  DOLLS  -  Trash  (1974) 

Long Beach Auditorium, CA. 07-24-74.

CHRIS SPEDDING & VIBRATORS-pogo dancing-uk 1976

Tags: CHRIS  SPEDDING  &  VIBRATORS-pogo  dancing-uk  1976 

1-pogo dancing2-posesecond single for the vibrators credited to Chris Spedding & The Vibrators. The A side was "Pogo Dancing". The B side was "Pose". Neither track appeared on an LP. Chris Spedding was a British rock guitarist and session musicianuk 1976

New York Dolls - Personality Crisis

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Personality  Crisis 

1973Burt Sugarman's The Midnight SpecialVideo from a Portuguese fan!

Death - Where Do We Go From Here

Tags: Death  -  Where  Do  We  Go  From  Here 

Album made in 1974/1975Precursor of PUNK movementAltough we all know Girls invented Punk rock.I don't own this song.

New York Dolls - Personality Crisis live at Musik Laden 1973

Tags: New  York  Dolls  -  Personality  Crisis  live  at  Musik  Laden  1973 

Better qualityI own no rights.