Minecraft Hunger Games Server - No Whitelist - 10 Survival Games Arenas - Mumble Server

Minecraft Hunger Games Server - No Whitelist - 10 Survival Games Arenas - Mumble Server

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"Ever wanted a fully automated 24/7 server to play your favorite book/move: The Hunger Games? Well now you can! This server is currently using Vareide's Survival Games maps for two of the arenas, the rest are other popular maps and custom ones. The arena and chests reset after each match and the chests refill once at nightfall. Discover secrets and hidden treasure as you struggle to survive, battling hunger, other players, and traps. The games have already started or you have died? Aw man, well not to fear! Next to the Hunger Games board is a sign to join our small and simple spleef arena to satisfy your time while waiting. We will also be adding more entertainment soon. We are currently using the Survival Games plugin by: Double0negative and it is in BETA stages. We currently have 10 arenas. Join now for massive fun! We also currently have 100 Player slots."http://www.mchgserver.comServer IP: mc.mchgserver.comMumble Server: mumble.mchgserver.comAll Video is either recording from Minecraft by Mojang, or original motion graphics by Austin WitherspoonVideo provided for Medic, free of charge. Do you want a video? Just ask me!Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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