Modern Arnis - Single Stick Disarming -1

Modern Arnis - Single Stick Disarming -1

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Stick vs stick disarming with Punong Taga Pagturo Oscar Lopez of American Modern Arnis Associates (

modern  arnis  -  single  stick  disarming  -1 

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Modern Arnis - Stick Disarming/Countering Principles & Empty Hand Concepts (Vintage Footage)

Tags: Modern  Arnis  -  Stick  Disarming/Countering  Principles  &  Empty  Hand  Concepts  (Vintage  Footage) 

In this vintage 1999 seminar footage, Grandmaster Tom Bolden covers stick disarming and disarm countering principles as well as empty hand concepts. Grandmaster Bolden is assisted by his AMAA students, including Peter Vargas, Ari Kaplan, Johnathan Meyer and Hal Riker. Video footage courtesy of...

Kali Single stick disarms 2/WOFA

Tags: Kali  Single  stick  disarms  2/WOFA 

This is taken from a demonstration video and illustrates single stick disarms. this is from volume two.The master is Chris Perry, and the club is based in Essex in the UKFilms now available as electronic downloads fromwebsite::

Huganyo - FMA Training - Arnis, Kali, Eskrima - April 2008

  • Length: 8:50
  • Author: AeNzG

Tags: Huganyo  -  FMA  Training  -  Arnis,  Kali,  Eskrima  -  April  2008 

The Fight Community Huganyo[ ]Filipino Martial Art TrainingArnis, Kali, EskrimaApril 2008, SwitzerlandwithAndrew, Jeff & Rhonel

Arnis Philippines May18 2008 - Bacolod

Tags: Arnis  Philippines  May18  2008  -  Bacolod 

at 33, with 2 kids, i joined my first arnis tournament as a newbie-round1, black mamba arnis school. my opponent is a 45yr old junior from sagay

Modern Arnis - Hubud & Sinawali Boxing

Tags: Modern  Arnis  -  Hubud  &  Sinawali  Boxing 

Sifu/Punong Guro Tom Bolden & students from American Modern Arnis Associates ( practice Hubud & Sinawali Boxing as free flow, to develop sensitivity, timing & rhythm.

Arnis, Escrima, Kali Instruction

Tags: Arnis,  Escrima,  Kali  Instruction 

Video Trailer for "Tour of Arnis Volume II" featuring Guru William Valdes available on Amazon. Instruction on joint locks, sticks, Knife defense, take downs etc... Great for Arnis, Escrima, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung-Fu practitioners.

DVD Modern Arnis with Master Bambit Dulay -

Tags: DVD  Modern  Arnis  with  Master  Bambit  Dulay  - 

Available : Worldwide Shipping. filmed in Negros occidental around Bacolod City - Philippines.Modern Arnis with master Bambit Dulay - IMAFPIn this next dvd : In the classical section :...


Tags: Arnis 

Cepeda-Abueg Kenpo-Arnis video of promotion test.

Datu Dieter Knüttel - Modern Arnis in russian TV - Part 1

Tags: Datu  Dieter  Knüttel  -  Modern  Arnis  in  russian  TV  -  Part  1 

Part 1 of a russian TV show, taped during my second seminar trip to Ekatarinburg/Russia to teach Modern Arnis there.Interestd in Modern Arnis seminars? Mail to datu@modernarnis.deFind Modern Arnis and Tapi-Tapi DVDs under:

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc (I)

  • Length: 6:19
  • Author: AEK

Tags: arnis  /  eskrima  /  kali  practice  with  GM  Rodel  Dagooc  (I) 

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc @ Anilao, Philippines

Arnis Sikaran

Tags: Arnis  Sikaran 

Master Ferrer and Students

Martial Arts Demo at Craigie Leisure Centre 20 September 2009.

Tags: Martial  Arts  Demo  at  Craigie  Leisure  Centre  20  September  2009. 

Grand Master Ernesto G Presas Jnr demonstrates some techniques with Renshi Guro Mike Waite at the Zen Do Kai WA state grading in Spetember 2009.

Inayan Eskrima - KDM "Basics" (sample)

Tags: Inayan  Eskrima  -  KDM  "Basics"  (sample) 

This is NOT a video of knife fighting techniques. This is for the use of Inayan students to complement their Serrada training. Kadena De Mano translates to "chain of hand" and is a combination of empty-hand and knife/dagger techniques. It covers basic and advanced blocks (or counters), basic and...

ARNIS DISARMING TECHNIQUE - Type 1 - for the PE students

Tags: ARNIS  DISARMING  TECHNIQUE  -  Type  1  -  for  the  PE  students 

This video was made for the PE students to review their Arnis lessons at home through the internet...


Tags: CONTEMPORARY  JEET  KUNE  DO  BRAZIL  2008  -  Kali  Lessons 

SACAT - Formless Tatical Weapon Combat SystemProgressive Jeet Kune Do JKD BrasilFernando

Modern Arnis Solo Baston Anyos 1-4 with Bob Quinn

Tags: Modern  Arnis  Solo  Baston  Anyos  1-4  with  Bob  Quinn 

Bob Quinn doing the solo baston anyos of Modern Arnis. For more information on Modern Arnis or Bob Quinn please visit

Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Tags: Pekiti  Tirsia  Kali 

The deadly art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

Essential Self-Defense Tips: Weapon Disarming Part II

Tags: Essential  Self-Defense  Tips:  Weapon  Disarming  Part  II 

DISCLAIMER BELOW: Sensei Anthony Britton shows you how to disarm someone attacking you with an implement from behind. This disarm is intended for when you are in a bargaining position, meaning when someone is threatening you with an object but has yet to attack.IMPORTANT: Please use extreme...

Datu Dieter Knüttel - Modern Arnis in Russia 7

Tags: Datu  Dieter  Knüttel  -    Modern  Arnis  in  Russia  7 

This is more advanced material of the Tapi Tapi. More what if he is doing this, I am doing that. Still I work with baiting, trapping and locking. Nothing is prearranged.Interestd in Modern Arnis seminars? Mail to datu@modernarnis.deFind Modern Arnis and Tapi-Tapi DVDs under:

Modern Arnis - Brush, Hold, Strike (Block, Check, Counter) Flow!

Tags: Modern  Arnis  -  Brush,  Hold,  Strike  (Block,  Check,  Counter)  Flow! 

Sifu/Punong Guro Tom Bolden & Taga Pagsanay Hal Riker from American Modern Arnis Associates (, practice Brush, Hold, Strike (De Cadena) flow, to develop timing & rhythm!

arnis-kali-eskrima double sticks fighting demo

Tags: arnis-kali-eskrima  double  sticks  fighting  demo 

demo by filograna fabrizio with double axes and filipino guro randy remolin from kombatan modern arnis with double sticks

Modern Arnis Pointers - Punong Guro Tom Bolden Seminar 2004

Tags: Modern  Arnis  Pointers  -  Punong  Guro  Tom  Bolden  Seminar  2004 

Punong Guro Tom Bolden Gives Some Pointers On Modern Arnis During A Seminar Conducted In 2004, Assisted By Felix Rosado.

Modern Arnis - Knife vs Stick

Tags: Modern  Arnis  -  Knife  vs  Stick 

Knife vs stick defense practice with Punong Taga Pagturo Oscar Lopez of American Modern Arnis Associates (

Volume 7: Live Seminar Dulo sa Dulo, Empty Hand, Trapping, Locking and Take Down

Tags: Volume  7:  Live  Seminar  Dulo  sa  Dulo,  Empty  Hand,  Trapping,  Locking  and  Take  Down 

Featuring: Dr. Remy PresasApprox: 60 minYou will learn:Dulo sa Dulo StrikeDulo sa Dulo BlockDulo sa Dulo Locking TechniquesEmpty Hand block, check and counterEmpty Hand Locking and Take Down For more information visit:

ARNIS Grand Master "Rodel" Dagooc

Tags: ARNIS  Grand  Master  "Rodel"  Dagooc 

Training Session at Luneta Park with GM Rodel Dagooc