Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

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asma  assad,  wife  of  bashar  assad,  speaks  out  :  and  other  news 

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FULL interview, Bashar Al-Assad on CBS 9/9-2013

Tags: FULL  interview,  Bashar  Al-Assad  on  CBS  9/9-2013 

FULL interview with syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. Released september 9th 2013.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to U.S. President Obama: Your Words Are Worthless

Tags: Syrian  President  Bashar  Al-Assad  to  U.S.  President  Obama:  Your  Words  Are  Worthless 


Asma al-Assad visits an Orphanage after the restoration (it was attacked by terrorists)

Tags: Asma  al-Assad  visits  an  Orphanage  after  the  restoration  (it  was  attacked  by  terrorists) 

Asma al-Assad visits an Orphanage after the restoration (it was attacked by terrorists).*This Orphanage was damaged on 23-12-2011, because of the Twin-Bomb attack in Kafar Suseh - Damascus. It was re-build by true Syrians*This video was uploaded by SyriaTruthNetworkEN...

Syria, The first lady, Mrs Asma Al-Assad visits martyr daughters' schools

Tags: Syria,  The  first  lady,  Mrs  Asma  Al-Assad  visits  martyr  daughters'  schools 

Syria's first lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad on Thursday visited the Martyr Daughters' School, surprising the students of the Basic education, sons and daughters of the martyrs , while they were taking their first semester exams.Touring the class halls, Mrs. Asma assured the situation of the students...

Syria's President Bashar Al Assad Uncensored interview with Barbara Walters

Tags: Syria's  President  Bashar  Al  Assad  Uncensored  interview  with  Barbara  Walters 

FULL INTERVIEW. ORIGINAL CENSORED FOR POLITICAL REASONS full interview, which was obfuscated to hide the reality of what the President Bashar al-Assad talked with Barbara Walters ABC...

Dilemme ou connivence d'Asma l'épouse de Bashar le barbare ?

Tags: Dilemme  ou  connivence  d'Asma  l'épouse  de  Bashar  le  barbare  ? 

Dilemme ou connivence d'Asma l'épouse de Bashar le barbare ?

Sanctions for Bashar al-Assad's Wife: Asma al-Assad's Shopping Spree During Syria's Uprising

Tags: Sanctions  for  Bashar  al-Assad's  Wife:  Asma  al-Assad's  Shopping  Spree  During  Syria's  Uprising 

Officials plan to add Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife to the list of Syrians sanctioned by the European Union. The personal emails of al-Assad, his wife, and their inner circle were stolen and released to the press. The emails showed that Asma al-Assad was going on luxury shopping sprees...

Asma al-Assad is a Mass Murderer

Tags: Asma  al-Assad  is  a  Mass  Murderer 

A look at Syria's Asma al-Assad.

President Bashar Al-Assad interview with Barbara Walters from ABC News - 2011

Tags: President  Bashar  Al-Assad  interview  with  Barbara  Walters  from  ABC  News  -  2011 

President Bashar Al-Assad FULL interview with Barbara Walters from ABC News (07-12-2011)

Youtube video mocks Asma Assad

Tags: Youtube  video  mocks  Asma  Assad 

A video blogger reedited segments from a CNN interview Syria's FirstLady Asma Assad gave in 2009 during Israel's Operation Cast Lead inGaza to make it seem as if she is in fact referring to the currentviolent crackdown in her own country. British-born Asma Assad'ssilence on the violence in her...

Syria: Syrian President Bashar al Assad Charlie Rose Interview (full) September 9, 2013

Tags: Syria:  Syrian  President  Bashar  al  Assad  Charlie  Rose  Interview  (full)  September  9,  2013 

Syria: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - Charlie Rose Interview (full) - September 9, 2013PBS' Charlie Rose interviews Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday, September 9, at 9 p.m. in a special presentation of CHARLIE ROSE. In this global television exclusive, Assad gives his only...

Asma Al Assad

Tags: Asma  Al  Assad 

Contentious Vogue Article

King Abdullah of Jordan: 'If I were in Bashar al Assad's shoes, I would step down'

Tags: King  Abdullah  of  Jordan:  'If  I  were  in  Bashar  al  Assad's  shoes,  I  would  step  down' 

The King of Jordan says that he thinks that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has an "expiration date".

President Bashar Al Assad

Tags: President  Bashar  Al  Assad 

الرئيس الاسد والسيدة عقيلته يشاركان مجموعات من الايتام طعام الافطار بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك

Piers Morgan Interview with Joan Juliet Buck on Syria

Tags: Piers  Morgan  Interview  with  Joan  Juliet  Buck  on  Syria 

Piers Morgan interviews the vogue writer who discusses her experiences with Asma Al-Assad.

تقرير قناة العربية عن اسماء الاسد (15-1-2012)

Tags: تقرير  قناة  العربية  عن  اسماء  الاسد  (15-1-2012) 

تنسيقية تل رفعت

The First Lady silent on Syria's human rights record

Tags: The  First  Lady  silent  on  Syria's  human  rights  record 

The First Lady of Syria, Asma al-Assad has long portrayed herself as a champion of women and children's rights in Syria. For example, in 2008 she gave a speech to women from around the world and promote the need for human rights. In February 2011, shortly before the outbreak of the Syrian popular...

The woman behind al- Assad's regime

  • Length: 3:34
  • Author: CNN

Tags: The  woman  behind  al-  Assad's  regime 

CNN's Brian Todd reports on how Syria's first lady deals with claims the government used chemical weapons on civilians.

The Sunday Times interview with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

Tags: The  Sunday  Times  interview  with  Syria's  President  Bashar  al-Assad 

'Bullying' Britain fanning the flames, warns Assad | The Sunday - Traduzir esta página20 horas atrás -- Sunday Times journalist Hala Jaber interview's Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus. AFTER 23 months of a conflict that has...

(2/2) MKS: Interview with Asad Umar (April 23, 2012)

Tags: (2/2)  MKS:  Interview  with  Asad  Umar  (April  23,  2012) 

(2/2) MKS: Interview with Asad Umar (April 23, 2012)

ahmadinejhad and bashar asad get married

Tags: ahmadinejhad  and  bashar  asad  get  married

Asma al-Assad Syria's First Lady welcomes Syria's best students of the year 04-10-2012

Tags: Asma  al-Assad  Syria's  First  Lady  welcomes  Syria's  best  students  of  the  year  04-10-2012 

Syria's first lady Asma al-Assad recently welcomed Syria's best students who had received the highest marks this year in their matriculation exams.

What's the Deal with Syria and First Couple Bashar and Asma al-Assad? | POPSUGAR News

Tags: What's  the  Deal  with  Syria  and  First  Couple  Bashar  and  Asma  al-Assad?  |  POPSUGAR  News 

Syria is in the middle of a brutal civil war and tonight President Obama made his case to the American people that its dictator, Bashar al-Assad, must be stopped after his goverment allegedly gassed 1,400 of its citizens. Oppressive, gruesome, and sickening were some of the words Obama used to...

President Assad and wife cast ballots in Syria referendum

Tags: President  Assad  and  wife  cast  ballots  in  Syria  referendum 

President Bashar al-Assad and his wife cast ballots on Sunday during a referendum on a new constitution that could keep him in power until 2028.