Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

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asma  assad,  wife  of  bashar  assad,  speaks  out  :  and  other  news 

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Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I live and die in Syria' (EXCLUSIVE)

  • Length: 25:3
  • Author: RT

Tags: Assad  to  RT:  'I'm  not  Western  puppet  -  I  live  and  die  in  Syria'  (EXCLUSIVE) 

In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria is not going through a civil war, but rather a different kind of war -- terrorism through proxies - FULL SCRIPT: LIVE to RT!...

Syria First Lady Asma al-Assad Touching Appearance

Tags: Syria  First  Lady  Asma  al-Assad  Touching  Appearance 

Asma al-Assad born 11 August 1975, née Asma al-Akhras, is the British-Syrian First Lady of Syria. Born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom by Syrian-born parents, she graduated from King's College London in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in computer science and French literature. She...

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to U.S. President Obama: Your Words Are Worthless

Tags: Syrian  President  Bashar  Al-Assad  to  U.S.  President  Obama:  Your  Words  Are  Worthless 


Asma Al-Assad

Tags: Asma  Al-Assad 

أسماء الأسد في الاستقبال الخاص بالمشاركات في مسيرة نساء من أجل السلامAsma Al-Assad during the reception made to the participants in " Woman For Peace " March

President Bashar Al-Assad سورية

Tags: President  Bashar  Al-Assad  سورية 

President Bashar Al-assad and his wife at Saint Taqla "church" in Ma`loula town where they shared Ester with the orphans at the esction designed for orphans`rising and had lunch with them .السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد والسيدة عقيلته في دير القديسة تقلا...

Top 5 Hottest First Ladies Around the World!! 2010

Tags: Top  5  Hottest  First  Ladies  Around  the  World!!  2010 

EARLY LIFE BEFORE THEY BECAME FIRST LADIES:5. MICHELLE OBAMA- Vice President for Community and External Affairs4. ASMA AKHRAS- Works at Deutsche Bank Group in the Hedge Fund Management division covering clients in Europe and the Far East.3. CARLA BRUNI- An Italian-born, French songwriter, singer,...

Syria's First Lady on Gaza

Tags: Syria's  First  Lady  on  Gaza 

Syria's First Lady on Gaza

Le président Bachar al-Assad et son épouse,Asma al-Assad reçoivent les enfants des martyrs06-05-2014

Tags: Le  président  Bachar  al-Assad  et  son  épouse,Asma  al-Assad  reçoivent  les  enfants  des  martyrs06-05-2014 

Damas / Le président Bachar al-Assad et son épouse, Asma al-Assad, ont reçu les enfants des martyrs, à l'occasion de la fête des martyrs coïncidant aujourd'hui, le 6 mai. Lors de cette rencontre le président al-Assad a indiqué que les Syriens sont toujours fiers de leurs martyrs qui...

Dictator Bashar Assad Full Interview with ABC News

Tags: Dictator  Bashar  Assad  Full  Interview  with  ABC  News 

Dictator Bashar Assad Full Interview with ABC News

Dilemme ou connivence d'Asma l'épouse de Bashar le barbare ?

Tags: Dilemme  ou  connivence  d'Asma  l'épouse  de  Bashar  le  barbare  ? 

Dilemme ou connivence d'Asma l'épouse de Bashar le barbare ?

Syria's First Lady Asma Al Assad In Paris Part 4 -2010(Inetrnational Diplomatic Academy)

Tags: Syria's  First  Lady  Asma  Al  Assad  In  Paris  Part  4  -2010(Inetrnational  Diplomatic  Academy) 

Very impressive presence, dialog, debate, Super Royal English and French, super elegant, and her Beauty is astonishing!!Mechelle Obama and Queen Rania: Eat your heart out !!

Full Speech of Dr. Bashar al-Assad President of the Syrian Arab Repubblic, Damascus 06/01/2013

Tags: Full  Speech  of  Dr.  Bashar  al-Assad  President  of  the  Syrian  Arab  Repubblic,  Damascus  06/01/2013 

President al-Assad : Out of Womb of Pain, Hope Should Be Beget, form Bottom of Suffering Important Solutions Rise DAMASCUS, SANA_ President Bashar al-Assad said If pain is pervading like a dark cloud over the country, the emotional state only, with its sublimity, is not enough to compensate the...

Queen Rania calls Assad's wife

Tags: Queen  Rania  calls  Assad's  wife 

Jordan's Queen Rania recently phoned Syrian President Bashar Assad'swife Asma to ask about the situation in the battle-torn country.Assad's wife responded that their situation was excellent. The uncleof King Abdallah II of Jordan, told Jordanian television that the kingcalled Assad a number of...

Sanctions for Bashar al-Assad's Wife: Asma al-Assad's Shopping Spree During Syria's Uprising

Tags: Sanctions  for  Bashar  al-Assad's  Wife:  Asma  al-Assad's  Shopping  Spree  During  Syria's  Uprising 

Officials plan to add Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife to the list of Syrians sanctioned by the European Union. The personal emails of al-Assad, his wife, and their inner circle were stolen and released to the press. The emails showed that Asma al-Assad was going on luxury shopping sprees...

Syria - Bashar and Asma al-Assad cast their votes for Presidential elections

Tags: Syria  -  Bashar  and  Asma  al-Assad  cast  their  votes  for  Presidential  elections | LIKEPresidential candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his wife cast their votes Tuesday for Presidential elections at martyr Na'em Ma'asarani School in al-Malki neighborhood in Damascus. |...

Bachar Al-Assad évoque la guerre de Gaza 2014 et le rôle des Saoud dans la trahison de la Palestine

Tags: Bachar  Al-Assad  évoque  la  guerre  de  Gaza  2014  et  le  rôle  des  Saoud  dans  la  trahison  de  la  Palestine 

Clips, documentaires, articles sur l'actualité du Moyen Orient : de son discours d'investiture, le Président de la République Arabe Syrienne a évoqué la récente agression israélienne sur Gaza. Il a ensuite critiqué explicitement le rôle des Saoud dans...

When Fox gives advices - The Syrian Homsi Asma Alasad wife of killer Bashar Asad talks.mp4

Tags: When  Fox  gives  advices  -  The  Syrian  Homsi  Asma  Alasad  wife  of  killer  Bashar  Asad  talks.mp4 

When Fox gives advices - The Syrian Homsi Asma Alasad wife of killer Bashar Asad talks.mp4

fuga della first lady Siriana, Asma Al-Assad هرب السيدة الاولى اسماء الاسد

Tags: fuga  della  first  lady  Siriana,  Asma  Al-Assad  هرب  السيدة  الاولى  اسماء  الاسد 

Dopo la falsa notizia del 30 gennaio 2012 sulla fuga della first lady Siriana Asma Al-Assad, che ha girato tutte le pagine della stampa Italiana, ecco un filmato che smentisce tutto e conferma il fatto della guerra mediatica contro la persona che ha girato il filmato è sarebbe il...

مقابلة مع السيدة الأولى أسماء الأسد Interview with Asmaa Al-Assad

Tags: مقابلة  مع  السيدة  الأولى  أسماء  الأسد  Interview  with  Asmaa  Al-Assad مقابلة لأسماء الأسد زوجة الرئيس السوري مع قناة السي إن إن CNN interview 2009وتتكلم فيها عن اضطهاد الشعب الفلسطيني.

Iceland's Loch Ness Worm Monster: Real Or Robot? (VIDEO)

Tags: Iceland's  Loch  Ness  Worm  Monster:  Real  Or  Robot?  (VIDEO)

syria sanctions asma el assad

Tags: syria  sanctions  asma  el  assad 

William Hague Ruba Salih comment on EU sanctions against Asma el Assad