Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out : and other news

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asma  assad,  wife  of  bashar  assad,  speaks  out  :  and  other  news 

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Press Conference - Bachar Assad 16/07/2014

Tags: Press  Conference  -  Bachar  Assad  16/07/2014

President Bashar Al-Assad سورية

Tags: President  Bashar  Al-Assad  سورية 

President Bashar Al-assad and his wife at Saint Taqla "church" in Ma`loula town where they shared Ester with the orphans at the esction designed for orphans`rising and had lunch with them .السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد والسيدة عقيلته في دير القديسة تقلا...

President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new term, addresses Syrians in milestone speech

Tags: President  Bashar  al-Assad  sworn  in  for  a  new  term,  addresses  Syrians  in  milestone  speech 

Le président al-Assad prête le serment constitutionnel devant les membres de l'Assemblée du peuple*Damascus, SANA -- President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in Wednesday before the members of the People's Assembly.Following the swearing-in ceremony, the President delivered a speech in which he...

« Bachar Al-Assad, Dictateur ou Visionnaire Démocrate ? »

Tags: «  Bachar  Al-Assad,  Dictateur  ou  Visionnaire  Démocrate  ?  » 

- NOTE: Malgré peut-être l'ambiguïté du "titrage", ce reportage va bien dans le sens d'une dé-diabolisation du Président Bachar Al-Assad. Merci pour votre intérêt sur ce sujet.Documentaire rare, largement censuré, et très difficile à retrouver actuellement sur les Sites européens....

مقابلة مع السيدة الأولى أسماء الأسد Interview with Asmaa Al-Assad

Tags: مقابلة  مع  السيدة  الأولى  أسماء  الأسد  Interview  with  Asmaa  Al-Assad مقابلة لأسماء الأسد زوجة الرئيس السوري مع قناة السي إن إن CNN interview 2009وتتكلم فيها عن اضطهاد الشعب الفلسطيني.

Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I live and die in Syria' (EXCLUSIVE)

  • Length: 25:3
  • Author: RT

Tags: Assad  to  RT:  'I'm  not  Western  puppet  -  I  live  and  die  in  Syria'  (EXCLUSIVE) 

In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria is not going through a civil war, but rather a different kind of war -- terrorism through proxies - FULL SCRIPT: LIVE to RT!...

Asma Al-Assad

Tags: Asma  Al-Assad 

أسماء الأسد في الاستقبال الخاص بالمشاركات في مسيرة نساء من أجل السلامAsma Al-Assad during the reception made to the participants in " Woman For Peace " March

Syria First Lady Asma al-Assad Touching Appearance

Tags: Syria  First  Lady  Asma  al-Assad  Touching  Appearance 

Asma al-Assad born 11 August 1975, née Asma al-Akhras, is the British-Syrian First Lady of Syria. Born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom by Syrian-born parents, she graduated from King's College London in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in computer science and French literature. She...

Syria's First Lady on Gaza

Tags: Syria's  First  Lady  on  Gaza 

Syria's First Lady on Gaza

Asma Al-Assad during the reception to the participants in Peace March

Tags: Asma  Al-Assad  during  the  reception  to  the  participants  in  Peace  March 

لايك للفيديو شباب القناة الثانيه لكتيبة سيريان ليكس .... لن نمل و لن نستكين و سنتابع الطريق فدا سورياشعارنا : الشعب الوطن القائدBest Regards SyrianLeaks...

syria sanctions asma el assad

Tags: syria  sanctions  asma  el  assad 

William Hague Ruba Salih comment on EU sanctions against Asma el Assad

President al-Assad swearing-in ceremony & full milestone speech

Tags: President  al-Assad  swearing-in  ceremony  &  full  milestone  speech 

#President #Bashar al-#Assad #sworn in for a new term, addresses Syrians in milestone #speech at People's Palace in the Qassioun Mountain*Damascus, SANA -- President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in #Wednesday before the members of the People's #Assembly.Following the swearing-in ceremony, the...

Discours d'investiture du président Al-Assad qui prête serment. 16-07-2014 (complet)

Tags: Discours  d'investiture  du  président  Al-Assad  qui  prête  serment.  16-07-2014  (complet) 

Damas / Le président Bachar al-Assad a prêté aujourd'hui le serment constitutionnel comme président de la république arabe syrienne devant les membres de l'Assemblée du peuple.Dans une allocution de circonstance, le président al-Assad a félicité les Syriens honnêtes qui avaient exprimé...



is she packingCritical analysis of media on kate middletonusing public domain images for critical analysis

Iceland's Loch Ness Worm Monster: Real Or Robot? (VIDEO)

Tags: Iceland's  Loch  Ness  Worm  Monster:  Real  Or  Robot?  (VIDEO)

Syrie : Bachar al-Assad veut frapper les "terroristes" d'un main de fer

Tags: Syrie  :  Bachar  al-Assad  veut  frapper  les  "terroristes"  d'un  main  de  fer Le président syrien promet des réformes et une réponse de fer à la révolte populaire.Dans son discours prononcé à l'Université de Damas et retransmis à la télévision d'Etat, Bachar Al Assad s'est à nouveau défendu d'avoir donné des ordres de tirer sur son...

Syria's First Lady Asma Al Assad In Paris Part 2 - 2010(Inetrnational Diplomatic Academy)

Tags: Syria's  First  Lady  Asma  Al  Assad  In  Paris  Part  2  -  2010(Inetrnational  Diplomatic  Academy) 

All Syrians are Proud to have her as Syria's First Lady

Full Speech of Dr. Bashar al-Assad President of the Syrian Arab Repubblic, Damascus 06/01/2013

Tags: Full  Speech  of  Dr.  Bashar  al-Assad  President  of  the  Syrian  Arab  Repubblic,  Damascus  06/01/2013 

President al-Assad : Out of Womb of Pain, Hope Should Be Beget, form Bottom of Suffering Important Solutions Rise DAMASCUS, SANA_ President Bashar al-Assad said If pain is pervading like a dark cloud over the country, the emotional state only, with its sublimity, is not enough to compensate the...

Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (Full Length)

  • Length: 24:30
  • Author: VICE

Tags: Undercover  Cop  Tricks  Autistic  Student  into  Selling  Him  Weed  (Full  Length) 

Subscribe to VICE here! is the story of Jesse Snodgrass, a kid with Aspergers Syndrome who was entrapped by an undercover cop posing as a student at Jesse's high school. This is the story of how the war on drugs preys on the most vulnerable.Click to donate to...

Vogue writer Talks to Syria First Lady.flv

Tags: Vogue  writer  Talks  to  Syria  First  Lady.flv 

Vogue writer Talks to Syria First Lady

Syria's First Lady Asma Al Assad In Paris Part 4 -2010(Inetrnational Diplomatic Academy)

Tags: Syria's  First  Lady  Asma  Al  Assad  In  Paris  Part  4  -2010(Inetrnational  Diplomatic  Academy) 

Very impressive presence, dialog, debate, Super Royal English and French, super elegant, and her Beauty is astonishing!!Mechelle Obama and Queen Rania: Eat your heart out !!

Interview Syrian President Dr Bashar Assad

Tags: Interview  Syrian  President  Dr  Bashar  Assad 

John Simpson Interviews Syrian President Dr Bashar AssadAired October 9 2006