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Making a Abaca Angel holiday decoration at Keen's Floral Outlet, Scranton, PA

Tags: Making  a  Abaca  Angel  holiday  decoration  at  Keen's  Floral  Outlet,  Scranton,  PA 

How to Make an Abaca Angel Holiday Decoration. This demonstration uses a straw angel attached to an artificial pine wreath for a base, dressed with decorative Abaca netting for her clothes and wings, and then decorated for the holiday season. It makes an excellent table centerpiece, and will be...

Project: Angel Ribbon Tree Topper

Tags: Project:  Angel  Ribbon  Tree  Topper 

Another fast and simple project that can also be used as a table or mantle accent! She also makes a great gift idea for those with limited space or just want something pretty around the house! Visit us at or for the purchase of supplies or...

How to Make a Paper Doily Angel Using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue (Long Version)

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Paper  Doily  Angel  Using  Aleene's  Original  Tacky  Glue  (Long  Version) 

In this video Heidi Borchers shows you step-by-step how to create beautiful Paper Doily Angles using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue.For more Craft Inspiration and Creative Projects go to our website at And check out our blog at...

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Tutorial

Tags: Tomato  Cage  Christmas  Tree  Tutorial 

THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY IS ANNOUNCED BELOW***~~The winner of the vanilla paste giveaway is wildheart5. ~~***1 tomato cage about 90 feet of garland100-200 bulb lights (it is best to use a cord color similar to your garland)zip tiesheavy gauge wireWire cutterPrepare your cage by zip tying the...

How to: Make a Deco Poly Mesh Tree

Tags: How  to:  Make  a  Deco  Poly  Mesh  Tree 

In this video Kristen shows you how to make a holiday tree out of a tomato cage and Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon! Deco Poly Mesh is a wonderful ribbon to use for decorating. Easily make wreaths, trees, bows and use to trim the Christmas tree! For more projects, visit our Project Gallery on our website:...

Angel made out of deco mesh ribbon

Tags: Angel  made  out  of  deco  mesh  ribbon 

Great to put on a door or as a tree topper

Holiday Home Decorating Tips - The Home Depot

Tags: Holiday  Home  Decorating  Tips  -  The  Home  Depot 

Changing seasons and updating a few small things around the house can get you ready for company and the Christmas season. Here are are few tips on small changes around the house to get you started.

How-to: Make a Geo Mesh (Christmas) Tree

Tags: How-to:  Make  a  Geo  Mesh  (Christmas)  Tree 

Nancy has shown you how to make a Geo Mesh Wreath, but this time, she is going to teach you how to make a beautiful Geo Mesh Christmas Tree using a tomato cage!The great thing about this project is that it can be customized to reflect any holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more...

How to make a mesh weath - 2

Tags: How  to  make  a  mesh  weath  -  2 

Updated Geo Mesh Wreath & More

Tags: Updated  Geo  Mesh  Wreath  &  More 

Lori and Kathy show us how to make different things out of Geo Mesh

How To Make a Christmas Ornament Ball Wreath

Tags: How  To  Make  a  Christmas  Ornament  Ball  Wreath 

This Christmas I decided to make ornament wreaths as gifts. The project takes about an hour to do, uses either recycled old ornaments or cheap buys from the local 99 Cent Store, and is super shiny.Music: Pea Coat by Tranley @ is my first youtube video! Enjoy and...

How To: Christmas Ball Wreath

Tags: How  To:  Christmas  Ball  Wreath 

THANKS FOR WATCHING!FTC, all opinions are my own. Everything was bought by me.

Fall Geo Mesh Decorations

Tags: Fall  Geo  Mesh  Decorations 

Paper cone angels.

Tags: Paper  cone  angels. 

Make a cute angel using scrapbooking paper or wallpaper.

Accent Decor T2: Wired and Wrapped

Tags: Accent  Decor  T2:  Wired  and  Wrapped 

Accent Decor's T2 video this week, featuring aluminum wire, filato paper and baubles . . . Watch Hitomi Gilliam create flowers and more fun accessories using our products. Visit our website to view and purchase all items.

Project: Ribbon Angel

Tags: Project:  Ribbon  Angel 

This is our most popular project because the color and texture combinations are limited only by your imagination making each angel as unique as the person who receives them!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Deco Poly Mesh

Tags: How  to  Decorate  a  Christmas  Tree  with  Deco  Poly  Mesh 

A tutorial on how to use deco mesh to decorate a tree for Christmas. This synthetic mesh is great for custom designer wreaths, garlands, bows and much more. Visit us at for a wide range of mesh products.

How to make a mesh wreath - 1

Tags: How  to  make  a  mesh  wreath  -  1 

Mesh # 1

Geo Mesh Wreath Instruction Video

Tags: Geo  Mesh  Wreath  Instruction  Video 

Kathy Olliges shows how to make a Geo Mesh wreath.

Ellis Deco Mesh Wreath Video

Tags: Ellis  Deco  Mesh  Wreath  Video 

How to make your own deco mesh wreath. Shop online at

Trendy Tree Deco Paper Mesh Flower Video

Tags: Trendy  Tree  Deco  Paper  Mesh  Flower  Video 

Video showing flower made from Deco Paper Mesh and a 10" Pencil Work Wreath

How to make a work garland

Tags: How  to  make  a  work  garland 

How to make your own Deco Mesh Santa Wreath

Tags: How  to  make  your  own  Deco  Mesh  Santa  Wreath 

Supplies needed: metal wreath, pipe cleaners, deco mesh, glue gun, felt paper, red christmas bell. All items can be purchased at Micheals at a minimal cost. Estimated cost to make wreath is approx. $23.00 - Similiar wreaths cost $75 -125. Have fun creating your own.

Premiere! Make a Coffee Filter Wreath (using Dollar Tree Materials)!

Tags: Premiere!  Make  a  Coffee  Filter  Wreath  (using  Dollar  Tree  Materials)! 

Dominique of Dollar Designs takes you step by step to create a classy yet affordable wreath made of mostly coffee filters and other supplies that can be found at the dollar store. So grab your glue gun and coffee filters and learn how to make a custom wreath just in time for the holidays!

Geomesh Holiday Preview 2011

Tags: Geomesh  Holiday  Preview  2011 

A variety of holiday decor ideas and projects using Geo mesh.