Computer Education by Gyan Yagya

Computer Education by Gyan Yagya

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computer  education  by  gyan  yagya 

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Video: Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna at Prasanthi Nilayam - 2012, Sahasra Chandra Darshana Mahotsava Yagnam - 2008 & Sai Darshan Video from Prasanthi - 2005Music: Rudra mantra pandits of Benares

How to use Keyboard in Hindi (Use of Shift,Caps Lock,Enter Keys etc.)

Tags: How  to  use  Keyboard  in  Hindi  (Use  of  Shift,Caps  Lock,Enter  Keys  etc.) 

Introduction of Keyboard, How to use Keyboard, How to use Keyboard Buttons, How to use Keyboard Keys like Shift, Caps Lock, Delete, Enter keys etc.

Internet in Hindi ( Gmail ID Open, Send, Read, Reply, Forward Mail ) Part 2

Tags: Internet  in  Hindi  (  Gmail  ID  Open,  Send,  Read,  Reply,  Forward  Mail  )  Part  2 

How to Open Account , ID Open, How to Read Mail, Reply, Forward Mail, How to Send Mail, How to send email on gmail, how to send email using gmail, sending email with gmail, how to send, reply and forwarding email using gmail, create and send message in gmail, how to forward emails to another...

MS Excel 2003 in Hindi ( Merge & Center, IF Function ) Part 7

Tags: MS  Excel  2003  in  Hindi  (  Merge  &  Center,  IF  Function  )  Part  7 

Learn MS Excel 2003 in hindi, MS Excel 2003 Tutorial in hindi, MS Excel 2003 in hindi, MS Excel 2003 , Mob :- 09229575120 Facebook :-

Online Mobile Recharge in Hindi

Tags: Online  Mobile  Recharge  in  Hindi 

How to mobile recharge through SBI Internet Banking, How to mobile recharge using Internet Banking, Make online mobile recharge, State Bank of India, Internet Banking, Online Banking

English guru.Part no 1

Tags: English  guru.Part  no  1 

visit http://www.instaenglish.infor more updates and learn toimprove your communication skills within 30 days. orenglish guru part3 is now available of luck guys and keep watching my videos..and for more updates subscribe me

How to easily recover gold from scrap computer chips

Tags: How  to  easily  recover  gold  from  scrap  computer  chips 

Part 1: In this video I'm recovering gold from computer Memory Chips (RAM). Use this process to get gold from scrap computer parts.DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME.See more at

Facebook by Gyanyagya in Hindi ( Account Creation, Chatting on Facebook ) Part 1

Tags: Facebook  by  Gyanyagya  in  Hindi  (  Account  Creation,  Chatting  on  Facebook  )  Part  1 

how to create facebook account, create a facebook account, how to make a facebook account, How to create account on Facebook, Account creation on Facebook, Chatting on Facebook, Chat on Facebook, How to add friend in facebook, How to Delete Friend in Facebook, Create Facebook account, create ID...

7 Continents- fun facts ( महाद्वीप ) - In Hindi -for children

Tags: 7  Continents-  fun  facts  (  महाद्वीप  )  -  In  Hindi  -for  children 

visit for more science videos in Hindi.This video helps to know the key features and facts of all continents of the world .

Windows: Basic computer skills: Video Training (6 of 24)

Tags: Windows:  Basic  computer  skills:  Video  Training  (6  of  24) Enjoy these Video Tutorials on Basic Computer skills. Improve your productivity, your skills AND your confidence! Perfect for Beginners, Boomers, and Seniors. Windows

Photoshop Beginners Tutorial #1 || Photo Retouching [In Hindi]

Tags: Photoshop  Beginners  Tutorial  #1  ||  Photo  Retouching  [In  Hindi] 

It's a Photoshop tutorial for photo retouching and enhancement. It is made in Hindi for easier to understand for Indian people.Like Me On Facebook -

How to Play Keyboard Exercise Game in Hindi

Tags: How  to  Play  Keyboard  Exercise  Game  in  Hindi 

How to Start, Play & Download Keyboard Exercise Game...For more videos visit our website:- or click :- :- gyanyagya2011@gmail.comMob :- 9229575120

computer basics part 1 in hindi

Tags: computer  basics  part  1  in  hindi 

Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the Cloud, Windows, Blackberry, Lion, etc.? Perhaps you would just like to know more about how computers work? When it comes to learning today's technology, Computer Basics has all the basic concepts covered.

Notepad in Hindi ( How to Save File, Open, New ) Part 1

Tags: Notepad  in  Hindi  (  How  to  Save  File,  Open,  New  )  Part  1 

Introduction of Notepad, How to start Notepad, What is Title Bar, What is Menu Bar, How to Save File, How to open file, How to insert New file

MS Excel 2003 in Hindi ( Data Formatting, Conditional Formatting ) Part 8

Tags: MS  Excel  2003  in  Hindi  (  Data  Formatting,  Conditional  Formatting  )  Part  8 

Learn MS Excel 2003 in hindi, MS Excel 2003 Tutorial in hindi, MS Excel 2003 in hindi, MS Excel 2003 , Mob :- 09229575120 Facebook :-

Notepad in Hindi ( Find, Replace, Date & Time, Font ) Part 3

Tags: Notepad  in  Hindi  (  Find,  Replace,  Date  &  Time,  Font  )  Part  3 

How to Find any text or word in file, how to Replace any word, how to insert Date & Time in file, how to change Font, Font Size, Font Style

Windows XP in Hindi ( Use of Calculator, Date & Time Properties,Backup, Restore etc.) Part C

Tags: Windows  XP  in  Hindi  (  Use  of  Calculator,  Date  &  Time  Properties,Backup,  Restore  etc.)  Part  C 

How to use Calculator, How to Change Date & Time, How to Backup & Restore File and Folder, How to use Disk Cleanup

Windows XP in Hindi (Introduction of Windows XP,Turn Off/Shutdown,Restart) Part A

Tags: Windows  XP  in  Hindi  (Introduction  of  Windows  XP,Turn  Off/Shutdown,Restart)  Part  A 

Introduction of Windows XP, How to Turn Off / Shut down Windows XP, How to Restart Windows XP, How to move Window, How to minimize window, How to maximize window

What is Google Maps? How to use Google Maps? Google Maps kya hai? Hindi video

Tags: What  is  Google  Maps?  How  to  use  Google  Maps?  Google  Maps  kya  hai?  Hindi  video What is Google Maps? How to use Google Maps? Hindi video गूगल मैप्स क्या है? गूगल मैप्स कैसे प्रयोग करें? Google Maps kya hai? Google Maps ka istemaal kaise kare? Subscribe to our channel:...

Professional Computer Tutorials: The Internet

Tags: Professional  Computer  Tutorials:  The  Internet 

Follow me on Twitter:!/thiojoeLike me on Facebook: out my website

Display Properties in Hindi ( Windows XP - Change Theme, Background, Screen Saver )

Tags: Display  Properties  in  Hindi  (  Windows  XP  -  Change  Theme,  Background,  Screen  Saver  ) 

How to Change Theme in Windows XP, How to Change Desktop Background or wallpaper in Windows XP, How to use Screen Saver in Windows XP

How to Use YouTube? Hindi video by Kya Kaise

Tags: How  to  Use  YouTube?  Hindi  video  by  Kya  Kaise How to Use YouTube? Hindi video.यूट्यूब का उपयोग कैसे करें? Youtube kaise istemaal kare? Subscribe to our channel! Facebook: @kyakaiseGoogle+:...

Tally.ERP 9 in Hindi ( What is VAT, VAT Calculation,VAT Entry - 1 ) Part 73

Tags: Tally.ERP  9  in  Hindi  (  What  is  VAT,  VAT  Calculation,VAT  Entry  -  1  )  Part  73 

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial in hindi, Learn Tally ERP 9 in hindi, Tally ERP 9 in Hindi, Tally Tutorial in hindi, Tally in hindi, Tally ERP 9 , Mob :- 09229575120Facebook :-

Notepad in Hindi ( Select Text, Delete, Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste ) Part 2

Tags: Notepad  in  Hindi  (  Select  Text,  Delete,  Undo,  Cut,  Copy,  Paste  )  Part  2 

How to Select Text, Delete Function or option , Undo, How to Cut any text, how to Copy any text, how to Paste ant text...