NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year / Noah St. John, "The Last Mile"

NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year / Noah St. John, "The Last Mile"

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After watching Noah's amazing performance, experience more storytelling magic @ Exploding onto the performance scene by grabbing the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Championship, watch as 15-year-old Noah St. John electrifies the Snap Judgment Stage with a stunning performance - winning 2012's "NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year."It's only appropriate, because last year's winner was Noah's teacher and mentor, Jamie DeWolf.This year, the student becomes the teacher . . .Original score composed by the amazing Alex Mandel and performed by Alex Mandel and the Snap Judgment Playaz (David Brandt & Tim Frick).Film direction and editing by Will Urbina.

npr  snap  judgment  performance  of  the  year  /  noah  st.  john,  "the  last  mile" 

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Capoeira / Noah St. John, Snap Judgment LIVE in DC

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ORIGIN: copyright infringement intended

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Brave New Voices Thinking About You

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