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How to Hack Minecraft Accounts

Tags: How  to  Hack  Minecraft  Accounts 

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HOW TO become Admin on almost ANY Minecraft server WITHOUT Hacks!

Tags: HOW  TO  become  Admin  on  almost  ANY  Minecraft  server  WITHOUT  Hacks! 

Like us! video shows my technique of getting Admin status on most Minecraft servers!iCHG

42 Ways to Die in Minecraft

Tags: 42  Ways  to  Die  in  Minecraft Click here to watch 42 Ways to Die in Saints Row The Third (Saints Row The Third Machinima) 42 Ways to Die in Minecraft (Minecraft Machinima) 42 Wonderful ways to die in this blocky game. Remember to vote for what you want me to do next! Mods used:...

Get a free premium minecraft account, Download now Working as of October [1.6.4]

Tags: Get  a  free  premium  minecraft  account,  Download  now  Working  as  of  October  [1.6.4] 

Hi, Today I'll be showing you how to get minecraft for free, and if you are willing to do a survey, you will be able to get a premium account last login.Here is the website to get your instructions. will be able to download the cracked version of minecraft...

Minecraft Griefing - Extreme Server Makeover: Christmas Edition

Tags: Minecraft  Griefing  -  Extreme  Server  Makeover:  Christmas  Edition 

Like us! wanted to do a Christmas episode, so here you go!Merry Christmas from iCHG ;D

Minecraft - Password Door Tutorial

Tags: Minecraft  -  Password  Door  Tutorial 

A password door tutorial in MinecraftSorry for the little mistakes I was new to video making and didn't know how to edit :PExplanation: Pretty much you just take the different signals from the levers and invert certain ones then attach them all together and hook the signal up to a AND gate and...

Minecraft Premium Account Hack 1 Cent NEW HD

Tags: Minecraft  Premium  Account  Hack  1  Cent  NEW  HD 

FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!!Don't ask me to do this for you, any pm's or comments like that will be ignored, I kind of have a life and something else to do.How to get minecraft for one penny. DON'T KILL ME IF IT DOESN"T WORK FOR YOU. Caution: You might get banned, it might not work, it might...

How To Become Famous In Minecraft

Tags: How  To  Become  Famous  In  Minecraft 

For more minecraft and videos like this subscribe to the new channel! us dance in real life! is our take on how to become famous playing the game: MINECRAFTThis video is not entirely...

10 MORE ways to troll your friend on Minecraft!

  • Length: 14:31
  • Author: Dyerzy

Tags: 10  MORE  ways  to  troll  your  friend  on  Minecraft! 

Minecraft Server: IS FINALLY HERE! I show you 10 MORE ways to troll your friend(s) or other people on Minecraft! This is about 5 machinimas in one so I hope you enjoy!:P10 ways to troll your friend on...

Minecraft - Let's Play 40 - Goldfish Training

Tags: Minecraft  -  Let's  Play  40  -  Goldfish  Training 

Welcome to the 40th part of my Minecraft Lets Play! In this episode, well, I'm not giving anything away. Watch the video to find out what happens :DThis episodes skin was made by for watching, please like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe...

Minecraft: How To Make a Piston Land Mine

Tags: Minecraft:  How  To  Make  a  Piston  Land  Mine 

My tutorial on how to make a piston land mine to blow up unsuspecting miners!This trap uses the simplified version of EthosLab's BUD switch: the piston BUD switch.The concept is pretty simple and easy to learn, enjoy!Don't forget to like and favourite if you enjoyed this video or found it...

10 Ways to Spot a Noob - Minecraft

Tags: 10  Ways  to  Spot  a  Noob  -  Minecraft 

This is how to find a noob in Minecraft. Be sure to like and favorite! I worked really hard on this one to make it the best I could :D Also, leave suggestions for future videos! Subscribe if you want more! :DMusic made by: Kevin MacLeod

Coding with Notch (from Minecraft: The Story of Mojang)

Tags: Coding  with  Notch  (from  Minecraft:  The  Story  of  Mojang) 

AVAILABLE NOW!$20 2 DISC DVD -$8 DRM-FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD$7 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY C418 2009, independent video game designer Markus "Notch" Persson released...

How to Spawn Items in Minecraft Multiplayer

Tags: How  to  Spawn  Items  in  Minecraft  Multiplayer 

This is a tutorial showing how to spawn items on minecraft multiplayer. Hope it helps! SUBSCRIBELink for data values:

Minecraft - LOST Custom Map

Tags: Minecraft  -  LOST  Custom  Map 

Minecraft Airlines Flight 815, a commercial airship flying from Mistral City to Icaria, hits turbulence and breaks apart in mid-air and crashes on a deserted tropical island in the South Pacific, with four survivors of the initial crash. Mysterious roars are heard from the jungle and trees are...

Hacking Your Minecraft Account, Servers, and the Server Mafia

Tags: Hacking  Your  Minecraft  Account,  Servers,  and  the  Server  Mafia 

A lot of hacking and dirty business is going on behind the scenes. It's time to say what's up. Subscribe to keep up to date: ● Facebook:● Twitter:● Gaming Channel:...

How to destroy PROTECTED Areas in Minecraft without hack!

Tags: How  to  destroy  PROTECTED  Areas  in  Minecraft  without  hack! 

In this video you can see how to grief protected areas on Minecraft Servers! The mod is not able to deal with the new pistons so you can easily hack it. Have fun :)www.craftbase.netEdit: This video intends to show how it works. It is NOT supposed to make you grief... Anyway, enjoy.If you are...

How To Hack Minecraft servers 1.1

Tags: How  To  Hack  Minecraft  servers  1.1 

Download Link -

Minecraft Account Cracker [MyneCraft v2.5] May 20th, 2013 Update

Tags: Minecraft  Account  Cracker  [MyneCraft  v2.5]  May  20th,  2013  Update 

This is a minecraft account bruteforcer that works for once. It has FULL PROXY support and other features.Items you should look for online which are not included:-Working proxy list-Password ListV2.5 says V2 but it's 2.5Download:

How To Get a Free Minecraft Giftcode (Premium account) No downloads.

Tags: How  To  Get  a  Free  Minecraft  Giftcode  (Premium  account)  No  downloads. the link to get a free minecraft premium account. you will be able to play multilayer server, night and zombies. You will get a free gift code. There are no limits with your minecraft premium account after you have upgraded it using a free giftcode.So remember go...

The Best Mods Ever! - Minecraft

Tags: The  Best  Mods  Ever!  -  Minecraft 

I got an awesome mod pack! it is called AMCO! LINK to the texture pack -

Minecraft Account Cracker[FREE]LINK UPDATED!

Tags: Minecraft  Account  Cracker[FREE]LINK  UPDATED! Be false positive. turn off anti virus if so.


Tags: Minecraft  Doggy  Talents  Mod  (PET  WOLF  TRAINING,  SKILLS,  COMMANDS) 

If you enjoyed this video, a LIKE is much appreciated! Thanks!Test drive of the Minecraft Doggy Talents Mod which adds new features for your pet dogs, including new trainable skills (eg Pack Puppy, Rescue Dog, Guard Dog, and more), craftable treats and toys, food bowls, special commands (eg Sit,...

Chuck Norris Plays Minecraft (ItsJerryAndHarry)

Tags: Chuck  Norris  Plays  Minecraft  (ItsJerryAndHarry) 

Please leave a like if you want to, and subscribe for more!Leave your suggestions in the comments. =DCheck out other episodes of ... Plays Minecraft! Channel:...


Tags: Minecraft:  Force  OP  SERVER  DESTRUCTION  GRIEF! 

hay guys i hope you enjoyed this video:) it was a little longer than expected but i hope you could all bear through it.PATCHED SO NO MORE DOWNLOAD LINK BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SAYING ITS A VIRUS (It want a virus!)