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Yes... No Passwords.. Just Type in the name.. Simple :DD Hahaha yes i am using a new screen recorder.. PLZ LIKE.... I don't wanna ask for subscriptions.. but likes so people know that it works. If you need an Updater for minecraft.. PM me!!!!! Download Link: plz use wisely.... HOW THIS WORKS: have u ever went into ur .minecraft folder and look at the last login file.. IT messed with that.. And this tricks the thing into thinking you are that person.... Yes u can play on a server like this.. But the online-mode needs to be set to faulse.. Have fun -Obsession CupcakessIF THIS FAILED... Try this:1.9 Pre 3: for 1.9 PRE-REALSE: For 1.8.1:

how  to  hack  any  minecraft  account  no  pass  needed 

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How To Become Famous In Minecraft

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HOW TO become Admin on almost ANY Minecraft server WITHOUT Hacks!

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Getting Cracked Minecraft Account with Multiplayer

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It wont work with all servers only cracked servers ill give you one good one.Cracked minecraft download: Server: the website for more cracked servers!

How To Get Minecraft Free With Multiplayer

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LINKS: you can download this older version : 1st: goto the MegaUpload linkand downlad that file2nd: Run minecraft, put any user name, and check the...

How To Hack A Minecraft Server- READ DESC FOR PRIZE

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Follow me on instagram @Blake956 First 50 Followers get a shoutout!

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notches server

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server ip. this video was made over a year ago when i didn't know that people could fake being notchYES ITS FAKE!!!!

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Now your can Changer your Minecraft Premium Name!No Fake!No Virus!This Programm is only working with a Minecraft Premium Account!Downloadlink:

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READ DESC N ST00FHere u guys go after so many PMsafter so many Requests il put this out for u guysDL: to Adfly By Request from the Creator of the client ScetchGriefable Easy ServerIP:Freebuildserver.netTo get the CMDs to work type...

How To Change Your Name on Minecraft [HD]

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Thanks for watching Guys! I'm trying to upload a tutorial/video everyday.Please request a tutorial!Code:java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft "YOURnameHERE"

How to get "op" on any Minecraft Server! (SessionStealer)

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Here's the updated tutorial for 1.5.1!*********************************************************************READ: I will NOT make anyone op on servers so stop asking. But feel free to comment if you have any questions about the video.Wallpaper:...

Minecraft The Temple Of Notch

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Fully Interactive Redstone Notch Idol.Updated to work in Minecraft 1.4.xNotch will judge you in the temple and either bless you with vast wealth :D or cast you into the bowels of the earth D:You must place an offering into the "Well of Destiny" unlocking the temple doors to seek an audience with...

how to get a free minecraft premium account with multiplayer and skin changing in 2012!!

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Get Featured on my channel by donating!5$ - a MONTH! of Featuring10$ - TWO monthsand so on every 5$ is another month just PM me for more details.If this doesnt work for you try this - that doesnt work for you try this! - There is a survey though...

minecraft the best mods ever!

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I got an awesome mod pack! it is called AMCO! LINK to the texture pack -



This video is for educational purposes only. We do not own any of the software or rights shown in this video. NEW VIDEO: OF QUESTIONS / PROBLEMS AND FIXES! Instructions / Links / Downloads / Q&A:1) Go to: http://www.Minecraft.Net2) Create and account...

How to gain admin on Minecraft Servers (No downloads) *UPDATED VID IN RESPONSES)

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Here's a neat little trick you can do to gain administrator privileges on Minecraft servers.Just find out the default login and you're set for any hosting company!I use Redstonehost as an example.

Pictures of you - the last good night Lyrics

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THESE ARE OUTDATED, LOOK AT THE PATCH IN THE TOP LEFT!These are, im my opinion, the 5 best seeds that I've come up with. Watch the video and be in awe, hopefully I'll have given you an idea or two in the process too. Note that I don't put some of the more well known seeds (ex: glacier, 404,...